The different types of POS machines

There are various models of banking terminal in the electronic payment sector.
The choice of terminal often depends on the customer’s needs, equipment and location.

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There are four main manufacturers of POS machines in France:

Pax Technology:

Present in over 120 countries, the PAX brand was the first to offer Android hardware. Thanks to all the R&D it has carried out, it has helped the French electronic payment network to evolve.


After acquiring the Sagem brand and its Telium system, Ingenico is the most widespread brand and offers the most reliable and easy-to-use devices. Its decision to buy Sagem has been a success. In fact, it dominates the market in Europe.


The brand includes many other brands including, Hypercom, Thales, Schlumberger, Gemalto; it is also behind many sub-brands.


This is a Shanghainese brand which is now present all over the world through its branches in France, India, Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, China and Emirates.


Fixed POS machines

The fixed electronic payment terminal is suitable for stationary use. Once installed, this terminal cannot be moved or transported easily. For this reason, it is generally placed close to a checkout and a mobile numeric keypad (the pinpad) is added, which is presented to the customer to enter their personal code. For these reasons, this type of terminal is mainly used by sedentary retailers.

Fixed POS terminals also include integrated devices such as automatic fuel dispensers, automatic car park pay stations, toll booths, certain drinks dispensers, etc.

POS machine models concerned:



  • Standalone iCT220 and iCT250 compatible
  • iPP280: contactless code and card entry
  • iPP310: contact and contactless code and card entry
  • Standalone compatible with Tetra Desk 5000
  • iPP315: contact and contactless code and card entry + colour screen

Centralised electronic payment compatible

  • iPP320 : Black and white screen
  • iPP350 : Colour screen


  • V200c
  • VX520c


Mobile payment terminals

Mobile POS machines are designed for situations where cash is not collected at the cash desk or counter.

These devices work in a similar way to cordless telephones. They are made up of a fixed base, which is used to recharge electricity, and a mobile part that can move a few metres away from the base. This is the case with infrared link terminals, which are widely used in bars and restaurants.

Finally, some mobile Eftpos terminals are equipped with a GPRS chip and are used by itinerant merchants, taxis, craftsmen or nomadic businesses. They can accept credit card payments and make remote transmissions in the same way as a mobile phone.


A920 Pro - PAX

Centralised POS machines compatible


Tetra Move 5000




Health POS machines

Healthcare terminals are electronic payment terminals used by healthcare professionals. They are known as “dual-slot” terminals because they can read the patient’s VITALE card, send the treatment form to the Social Security Centre and cash the cost of the consultation directly with the card. Whatever the type of POS machine, it must be able to communicate with the acquiring bank when necessary. This communication between the Eftpos terminal and the Acquirer Authorisation Server takes place either via an analogue line, a GPRS connection (mobile network) or an ADSL connection (Internet).


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