The monetic expert at the service of resellers,
software publishers and manufacturers
for the integration, installation and evolution
of their customized monetic solution.

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To each his own decision! Because each structure has its own problematics, Planet Monetic develops customized and evolving solutions.

Our monetic solutions

To answer all your needs, Planet Monetic has developed a range of products and services, as well as a technical support/after-sales service.



Payment Terminals/Connected Pinpads – Point of Sale Terminals – Automats/Kiosks


Dematerialized solutions

E-shopping – Linking payment – SoftPos



White brand (installation/maintenance/hotline) – Technical phone assistance – Terminals reparation – Monetic integration – Bank Card agreement


Foreign services

Card services

Advices, technical expertise, equipment and maintenance

Without any engagement

Contract without any engagement duration

Technical assistance

A technical laboratory active from Monday to Saturday


In less than 24 hours

Understand the world of monetic

Planet Monetic gives you the codes to understand the complex universe of the monetic, the differents links in the chain and their interactions. The world is being in constant movement, Planet Monetic propose formations to stay in the fashion of the monetic world.


Who are we?

For 20 years, Planet Monetic take care of it clients in the development of their integration solutions and the monetic on every canal. In the universe both huge and small, Planet Monetic is in the center of a huge partners network well-known. Combined with our methodology, it allows us to propose customized card solutions, optimals, tailor-made and high-performance.


Our partners

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