Monetic integration

Planet Monetic accompanies you in the development of a monetic integrations. Formations, delivery of necessary development documentation, the good behaves of the monetic, project management, production…


What is a monetic integration ?

A monetic integration allows to insert a « payment » module on a business application. This development will link two software: the payment application one and the one from the business application to make them communicate between them.

The objective of a monetic integration is to optimise the flow, to master and to facilitate the receipt and the maintenance of one or multiple business. The optimisation of the receipts of a point of sale go through the omnichannel of the payment methods (branch, cash register machine, kiosk, web, mobile phone).

How Planet Monetic accompanies you ?

Through our research cell and development, we accompanies everyone that already developped a business application in the creation of monetic integration, everything by adapting to the web languages : Windows, Android, IOS, Linux … Together, we arrange your project through a totally personnalized accompanying :

  • Discover of the job and specification of the editor,
  • Expression of the business needs,
  • Delivery of the documentations, libraries (DLL, .So), SDK, USB Drivers, test servers, development card, etc…,
  • Integration of the good monetic manners in the job context,
  • Follow of the integration with the team of development,
  • Recipe of the job solution,
  • Production launch.

Schéma intégrations monétiques