Our company

The electronic payment expert at the service of resellers, software publishers and manufacturers for the integration, installation and evolution of their customized electronic payment solution.

Entreprise Planet Monetic son histoire

Company History

Planet Monetic, born in 2003, is a service provider specialized in the monetic sector. From its creation, Planet Monetic is situated as an important actor in the distribution and the development of bank card and monetic solutions. So that, we devote all our technical and human services for our clients.

Our values

Equipe Planet Monetic

The team

Planet Monetic is a human sized company.

We are composed of 8 complementary services composed of monetic experts and technicians.
We also work in collaboration with a lot of monetic resellers situated in all the metropolitan France, the French overseas territorial and departments and the neighbouring European countries.

Our premises

Planet Monetic has infrastructures that meet the standards imposed by the GIE Cartes Bancaires. Indeed, we have a secured storage space of more than 1000 m2. The material is prepared and packaged according to the Remparts standards. Moreover, the terminals we prepare are traced and monitored. Our infrastructures are equipped with video surveillance and badge system.

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