Vitajour® - Health software for Android POS

Discover Vitajour® 3-in-1 healthcare software for Android banking terminals. The fastest solution on the market for consulting and updating health insurance cards for healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacies, nursing homes, ophthalmic centres, etc.).

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3-in-1 health software

The Vitajour® health application offers three major services:

  • Consultation of health insurance cards
  • Updating carte vitales to avoid rejections (TP AMO)
  • Eliminate rejections of carte vitales

It also enables payment by contact and contactless bank cards for all healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacies, nursing homes, ophthalmic centres, etc.).

What’s more, the Vitale card can be updated without the need for a healthcare professional card. In fact, it is limited to simply updating the data. However, as soon as the data is consulted or used in a software application, the CPS card is compulsory.

This Vitajour® application is available on the Paxstore or directly installed on Android payment terminals.

Compatible terminals:

What’s more, this Vitajour® software saves time in day-to-day management. It improves cash management, reimbursements and the consultation of insured data and entitlements.

A920 Pax technology - Matériel - Planet Monetic

Android POS have a dual function

  • Installation of the Vitajour® solution for Pax Android EFTPOS terminals
  • Standardization of the fleet with 1 single reader
  • Update carte vitale in 1 day
  • Reliable electronic transmissions
  • Better reimbursement
  • Reading of the carte vitale via the health application

Features and advantages

  • Supervision tools
  • Improved cash lines
  • Remote download with Paxstore
  • Eliminatres transport cost
  • 1 single POS machine for payments and health cards

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