The new range of Ingenico Tetra

At Cartes 201, INGENICO announced the launch of the next INGENICO TELIUM TETRA Desk 5000 Move 5000 RANGE, which will gradually replace the previous iCT200 and iWL200 range.

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At Cartes 2014, INGENICO announced the launch of the next INGENICO TELIUM range: TETRA, which will replace the current iCT200 and iWL200 TPE range.

– Range of Fixed Payment Terminals: INGENICO DESK 5000


– Range of portable payment terminals: INGENICO MOVE 5000


– Pinpad range : iPP315


What will be new?

Development of a new TELIUM operating system. First of all, INGENICO has developed a brand new operating system called TETRA. This is based on Linux, which will enhance terminal security.

This new operating system will enable this new platform (HTML5 compatible) to be used by application developers like Android or Apple’s Marcketplace, thereby diversifying payment applications.

Management of electronic payment systems

In addition, a brand new portal will be available for managing monetic systems. Thanks to this new portal, you’ll be able to track your remote updates, add applications and much more.

The basics of monetic

What is an electronic payment terminal (EPT) and how does it work?