How do I accept payments at a recharging point with a bank terminal?

How do you accept payments at a recharging point using an automat terminal? What monetic systems are used? What equipment is compatible? We have tried to answer all these questions through a case study.

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Needs analysis

Our prospect is a manufacturer of charging points for electric vehicles. It offers its customers the opportunity to recharge their cars at rest areas and in town centres. To recharge the battery, users have to register with an application and top up their account.


Problem encountered

Our customer would like to offer payment at its electric charging points using proximity (contact) and contactless (NFC) bankcards.


Bringed solution

The customer wanted to integrate payment into its current charging points, without increasing the scale of its product. As his budget was limited, he was looking for a low-cost product.


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The basics of monetic

What is an electronic payment terminal (EPT) and how does it work?