Monetic Gateways

IP/ADSL and GPRS/3G with multi-operator SIM

Why you should take a GPRS/3G and IP/ADSL subscription/gateway?


As a precursor of new monetic solutions, we tested and marketed the first GPRS/3G SIMs. Integrating an monetic gateway compatible with bank terminals (first payment solutions under IP) as soon as they were put into production.

Afterwards, we quickly marketed the POS machine with IP/ADSL subscriptions connected to a box, with the help of our gateway partners.

Also, beyond their functions dealing with electronic money flows, GPRS/3G and IP/ADSL subscriptions allow us to offer many advantages to our partners:

  • Taceability of authorizations and calls:
    • Possibility of alert in case of non-connection visualization of transactions
  • Multi-operator SIM for GPRS/3G subscriptions
  • Management of a fleet of monetic cards:
    • Initialization of CB & AMEX applications
    • Triggering of TMS download
    • Date & time synchronization
    • Sending of messages & personalization of the bank terminal
    • Recovery of information on the status of the terminal and its characteristics
  • Easy billing (data synchronization with accounting tools)
  • PCI-DSS and GIE Carte Bancaire accreditation of our gateways

Today, almost all French monetic systems operate with IP/ADS GRPS 3G subscriptions.