Download TMS/TEM software

Need to update your TPE? We provide a download platform for Ingenico TMS/TEM software.


You are already a Planet Monetic customer

Planet Monetic provides TPE software download codes to download TELIUM applications on the TMS or TEM Ingenico download server. You benefit from a subscription giving you access to attractive rates for each application. The applications can be downloaded via the payment terminal:

  • Via the phone line: PSTN connection;
  • By chip: GPRS/3G connection;
  • By internet: IP/ADSL connection.

All these TMS or TEM downloads are compatible with the existing ranges of the manufacturer Ingenico (ICT, IWL and TETRA).

You are not a Planet Monetic customer?

We offer you the download of POS software on a per application basis with a unique price for all applications.

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The most common applications

  • AMEX: allows to accept American Express cards.
  • CONECS: allows the acceptance of 2nd generation restaurant voucher cards.
  • CB EMV CB5.5: accepts all types of credit card payments including credit card, MasterCard or VISA.
  • CB CLESS CB5.5: enables contactless credit card payments.
  • CB VAD CB5.5: allows you to accept remote credit card payments.
  • CUP (China Union Pay): allows you to accept Chinese cards.
  • LOGO TICKET: allows you to print your logo on the payment tickets.
  • ADDITION SHARING: allows you to share a bill (e.g. restaurants).
  • CHECK: allows you to control a cheque reader with the POS.
  • PLBS: allows you to take deposits and payment in several instalments.
  • ALIPAY: allows to take Alipay payments (QR Code).


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