Planet Monetic awarded the REMPARTS certification!

Planet Monetic has been awarded the REMPARTS label, introduced by the GIE Cartes Bancaires and PayCert to combat fraud and increase the accountability of the CB acceptance ecosystem.

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Certificat REMPARTS PM

What is the REMPARTS certification?

Since 2019 march the 14th, we have been part of the very select circle of certified POS service providers. This certification validates the strategic investments, procedures and security standards implemented internally for our customers. All the company’s employees were involved and mobilised in this project to meeet the requirements of the auditing bodies.

Definition: Renforcement Et Maîtrise sur Parc Acceptation “CB” – Résilience, Transparence & Sécurité

The purpose of the REMPARTS standard is to strengthen security in the field of bankcard acceptance, as developed by GIE Cartes Bancaires. The aim is to prevent and limit fraud through new provisions designed to:

  • Improving the knowledge and accountability of acceptance operators
  • Strengthen security around acceptance products and businesses
  • Implement levers for action in the ecosystem
  • Improve the responsiveness of the Credit Card system in the event of fraud, in conjunction with all stakeholders

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The added value of the REMPARTS label and standard!

Thanks to this certification, our customers and partners will benefit from the following security features:

Equipment storage:

  • Secure storage area
  • Storage monitoring

Order preparation

  • Secure laboratory
  • Control at every step
  • Monitoring and incident management
  • Tracked and secure shipments

Hardware repair

  • Secure area
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Control at every step
  • Secure reactivation with mutual control
  • Destruction of sensitive data with certificate of destruction

Information systems

  • Implementation of actions to deal with IT risks
  • Back-up policy
  • Security watch
  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP)


  • Secure building
  • Annual internal audit
  • Audit of our service providers (confidentiality clause)
  • Permanent and periodic control systems
  • Training and awareness-raising for technicians to limit risks
  • Business continuity plan

If you would like more information on the conditions for REMPARTS certification, or to find out more about our professional environment, come and visit our premises.

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