How do you configure ticket printing on your electronic payment terminal?

Find out how to manage the printing of your CB tickets on all your payment terminals.

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No more automatic printing of till receipts and credit card slips

Already postponed until 1st of April , the abolition of automatic printing of till receipts has been postponed again until the summer (1st of August or 1st of September).

Under the AGEC Act, till receipts will no longer be printed automatically by retailers. Customers will have to request a printout if they so wish. Retailers, for their part, are obliged to inform customers in a legible and comprehensible manner, with a display at the point of payment.

This change is motivated by the fight against the hazardous substances present in till receipts and to remedy the significant waste represented by these receipts (30 billion till receipts printed each year). See the public service article.

Services concerned:

  • Credit card vouchers;
  • Vouchers and promotional tickets;
  • Vending machine tickets.

Substitution solutions:

  • SMS;
  • Email;
  • QR code;
  • A message in the buyer’s banking application.

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