How do I get my payment terminal back into service?

After a long period of inactivity, it is important to follow the recommendations of the Payment Association to get your payment terminal back into service.

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Restarting your payment terminal correctly

If you have left your payment terminal unplugged during a period of inactivity, we strongly advise you to follow the recommendations below and check before resuming that the Eftpos terminal is still operational.

To do this, carry out the following actions before making any transactions:

  • Connect the payment terminal to a power source.
  • Wait for the terminal to restart.
  • Leave it switched on, the terminal is now operational.
  • Start a telecollection

If you have a portable payment terminal and this operation does not solve the problem:

  • Remove the battery from the terminal.
  • Place the terminal on its cradle for 5 minutes, without the battery and with the roller cover open.
  • Replace the battery in the POS machine.
  • Charge the terminal on its base for at least 4 hours before making a transaction.
  • The terminal is now operational.
  • Start a telecollection.

A few additional recommendations:

Do not spray or inject any cleaning product directly onto the terminal.
Simulate a purchase (without finalising it) to test that the reader reads the card correctly.

Of course, if you need technical assistance, just call your usual number!



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