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Verifone T650p portable banking terminal

The T650P portable payment terminal is part of Verifone’s Trinity range. The T650P is a high-performance, ergonomic and compact handheld terminal, making it easy to transport.

An innovative, practical terminal

The Verifone T650P is a portable POS machine with an ergonomic, intuitive design for ease of use. It features a large, dynamic capacitive touch screen. It also features a virtual keyboard and supports high-quality audio. This makes the device more water-resistant than traditional keyboards, as well as easier to clean and disinfect.
What’s more, the TPE is secured with the latest PCI PTS 5.X security and Verifone’s Android-based operating system. So all transactions on this device are secure from end to end.

Verifone - T650P - Planet Monetic

Managing all your payments

The T650P is equipped with all contact and contactless card payment functions. What’s more, this POS machine accepts cell phone payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay…). As well as all other new NFC, QR code and e-wallet technologies.
The Verifone T650P also enables tickets to be sent by email, signatures to be entered on-screen, and refunds to be matched to the initial transaction.

Powerful portability

The T650p terminal is a lightweight powerhouse that can take payments at the counter, at a table, in an aisle, at the salon, at the market, or at a customer’s door. Indeed, this terminal is designed for portability, thanks to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, a durable battery and fast recharging. In addition to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, the T650p is paired with a Bluetooth®-supported Ethernet base for charging and portable connectivity.

Verifone T650P

Specifications & Advantages


PCI-PTSCertified PCI PTS 5.0

Android 8-based Paydroid

4G, Wifi, Bluetooth

RGB sensitive screen