Self 5000 - ingenico

Terminal for Ingenico Self 5000

The POS machine self 5000 is part of the Tetra Ingenico range. It’s a compact, attractive and scalable all-in-one self-service payment solution. It is designed to develop self-service vending activities.

A future-proof investment

Ingenico‘s software components for Telium 2 self-service solutions are compatible with the Self Series and its TETRA platform to facilitate business continuity and current expansion. What’s more, this POS machine combines robustness (IK09) with protection against water and dust (IP44). The Self/5000 can be used in any indoor or qualified outdoor terminal.

A self-service terminal that accepts all payment methods

This terminal accepts all payment methods, including magnetic-stripe cards, smart cards and contactless payment. It also facilitates other payment methods, such as QR codes. This card reader features a customizable RGB light input that facilitates user orientation and enhances security levels.

Highest security

Fully PCI PTS 5.x certified, the machine meets the highest and latest mandatory requirements for hardware and software. It is also SRED-compliant. It offers flexible options with additional modules and an open application programming interface. The on-screen virtual keyboard facilitates pin code entry.



Thanks to its compact size and design, Self/5000 can be integrated into a machine from the front or rear, depending on the machine design or installer’s choice. Compliant with EVA EPS (Standard Door Module). Self 5000 can easily replace older solutions. With the addition of MDB interface (for automatic or parking meters and other use cases), Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, it extends its capabilities and allows optional modules to be added to enhance flexibility.

The Ingenico self 5000 is easy to use, thanks to its capacitive color touchscreen interface. What’s more, an external speaker can be connected to support audible and voice alerts for enhanced usability.


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Specifications & Advantages



codeTelium Tetra

Ethernet, 4G, Bluetooth

Capacitive sensitive screen

Self 5000 - INGENICO
Self 5000 - INGENICO
Self 5000 - INGENICO
Self 5000 - INGENICO
Self 5000 - INGENICO