E600 - PAX

Pax Technology E600 point-of-sale terminal

Le terminal de point de vente Pax E600 fonctionne sous Android. Pour cela, il possède deux écrans et un terminal bancaire avec le module Q20. Il intègre une imprimante ticket et possède une caméra pour les QR codes. Il peut se connecter en Ethernet, Bluetooth et Wifi.

A sleek, portable Android cash machine

Pax technology - Terminal point de ventes E600

The portable, compact Android POS

PCI PTS 5.x, SRE certified, the Pax Technology E600 mobile and portable POS is a high-performance point of sale. In fact, it has been designed with both the merchant’s and the customer’s user experience in mind. What’s more, thanks to its double-sided screens, merchants and customers alike can benefit from reliable, smooth and secure payment.

Its portability adds a range of features, such as pay-at-the-table, catering, delivery and curbside service. So, with multiple communication options and peripheral ports, the E600 offers flexibility for any type of business and ease of use in its next-generation design.

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Pax Technology - TPV E600

A mini mobile cash register

This terminal (like the E500, 700 and 800) from Pax Technology includes the Paxstore, a platform within which payment service providers create and manage their own business applications. What’s more, thanks to their innovative design, Paxstore applications enable high-level customer interactions, transforming next-generation terminals into something more than a simple payment device. All these advantages make the cost of ownership and operation more profitable.

As a result, this cash register accepts all types of payment cards VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners etc., uses multiple connectivity via Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and is NFC compatible. The customer screen added to the merchant screen of the Pax E600 increases the number of transactions possible per minute and facilitates the transaction process with unprecedented ergonomics and fluidity. Last but not least, the Pax E600’s long battery life enables it to cash out while on the move.



Pax Technology - E600

All-in-one integration

  • Pinpad Q20 for contact/contactless/track payments
  • Barcodes and cameras for scanning 1D/2D codes
  • Business software applications in paaxstore
  • Portable wireless mini ECR
  • Ultra-fast printer, up to 80mm

Specifications & Advantages



Android 7.1-based Paydroid

connectiqueWifi, Bluetooth 4.1, Ethernet

Battery: 2600 mAh / 7.2 V

E600 - PAX
E600 - PAX
E600 - PAX
E600 - PAX
E600 - PAX