Lane 3000

Pinpad Ingenico Lane 3000

The connected pinpad for the integrated Axis monetic

The Ingenico Lane 3000 pinpad is a connected terminal that operates as a centralised AXIS monetic system linked directly to the till software. Designed to handle thousands of transactions a day, the Ingenico Lane 3000 is a connected pinpad. It operates as an AXIS centralised monetic system, which requires monetic systems to be integrated with the checkout software. Available in two forms, retailers can choose between a modular or a non-modular version.

Two modules available

Firstly, the “non-modular” model, which focuses exclusively on EMV payment processing for multiple direct debits. Secondly, the ‘modular’ model, which includes top-of-the-range functions. However, these are optional and can be upgraded in the field, such as a camera, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Finally, the advantage of having two variants means that companies can choose to focus on the core and offer greater flexibility by promoting a range of other innovative payment and communication options.


Pinpad Lane 3000 - Ingenico

A rigorous security

The Lane 3000 pinpad is certified and fully compliant with the latest PCI-PTS regulations. In addition, the Lane 3000 pinpad is equipped with anti-theft systems, such as Kensington locks, to reinforce hardware security.

Ideal for point of sales terminals

Designed for intensive use in the retail sector, the Lane 3000 pinpad features a robust magnet, and strip and smart card readers optimised for transaction speed.

What’s more, its very large contactless card reading zone speeds up customer payment times. Last but not least, its compact, resistant design means it fits in with any retail environment.


Ingenico - Lane 3000 - Pinpad

Compatible with Ingenico’s suite of services

Keeping solutions connected, the Lane 3000 pinpad works in unison with Ingenico’s service platforms. This means retailers will have access to business services such as back-office reporting, software updates and day-to-day support offering a ‘hassle-free’ service, based on the experience of those using this innovative range.

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lane 3000 - ingenico
lane 3000 - ingenico
lane 3000 - ingenico
lane 3000 - ingenico
lane 3000 - ingenico