Iself Duo -Ingenico

Terminal for Ingenico Iself Duo vending machine

The TPA ISelf Duo is part of Ingenico’s ISelf range, and its Pinpad and contact reader make it simple and secure to operate. This innovative solution makes it easy to integrate electronic payments into self-service sales activities.

A solution for self-service sales

Ingenico - Iself Duo

A high-performance TPE for a better experience

Ingenico‘s vending machine provides a simple, easy-to-use customer interface with a brightly colored backlit display, LEDs and function keys, to make using them a pleasant experience.
Thanks to 2 new light sleep modes (slow/mixed), the IUP250LE achieves the best power management on the market. Up to 2mA for full configuration and reduced wake-up time.

A terminal with different readers

The TPA consists of 3 readers in a single module, including the contactless/NFC reader. The iSelf duo is a multi-reader terminal that accepts all payment methods: contactless/NFC, and new payment methods such as e-wallets and banknotes. It also complies with standards such as MasterCard, PayPas, VisaPayWave, EMV and contactless cards.

Iself Duo - Ingenico

Several means of communication

The ISelf Duo is equipped with all the main means of communication, enabling it to connect easily to its machine, as well as to transaction servers.

Fully PCI PTS 4.x compliant, the solution is also SRED compliant, and provides flexible options with Open Protocol modules. Compact and modular, the ISelf duo has been designed in compliance with EVA/IMB integration standards.
Thanks to its rugged diesgn and water resistance, the iSelf series is up to the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments.

Specifications & Advantages



codeRisc 32-bits ARM9 & ARM 7


Black & white screen

Iself Duo - INGENICO
Iself Duo - INGENICO
Iself Duo - INGENICO
Iself Duo - INGENICO
Iself Duo - INGENICO