Nepting : the centralised electronic payment acceptance platform

Discover Nepting, a new-generation centralised monetic system. An innovative solution designed to improve the administrative management of points of sale and the management of merchant tickets.

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A solution that improves administrative management

Nepting is a new-generation centralised monetic solution. It is an innovative solution for processing all existing, emerging and future payment methods. It is a secure web portal, developed and maintained in France. This solution enables each Point of Sale and its finance department to view the following information:

  • Transactions and remote collections in real time
  • Transactions and remote collections for private customers (VAD, PLBS, etc.)
  • Completed and unsuccessful transactions
  • Turnover for each point of sale
  • All data can be exported
  • Legal proof in the event of a dispute
  • Availability of an API

Nepting système d'accpetation de paiement multicanal

A solution that improves merchant ticket management

Secondly, this solution eliminates the need to print transaction receipts for each software application. This halves the amount of consumables (rolls of paper) and optimises accounting management. It is then possible to print out each transaction ticket or tele-collection.

Merchant tickets as legal proof

What’s more, in the event of a dispute with an employee, bank or customer, the merchant ticket is legal proof. Several filters are available to find a transaction over a 13-month period:

  • Date/time
  • By point of sale
  • Cardholder’s card number
  • Amount
  • Date range
  • Payment application

Advantages of the solution

Administrative advantages:

  • Accounting autonomy for POS and head office
  • Elimination of merchant ticket
  • Web interface
  • Payment data by POS/mPOS/Software
  • Management of user profiles for the web portal
  • TOKEN management
  • Identification by user code per POS
  • Dedicated PLBS management

Technical advantages:

  • Remote updates of the software
  • Cash register connection
  • No more costs linked to the transaction
  • Automatic telecollection on the dedicated server
  • Multi-operator chips
  • Secure ADSL connection
  • 3G Backup modem
  • Android payment terminal
  • Bank terminal + POS software
  • POS terminal + cashless

The advantages of the product

Compatible terminals

Available options for this solution

  • Link payment
  • PLBS (caution take)
  • Credit card refund
  • Tips
  • Everything privative (American Express, VAD…)

The basics of monetic

What is an electronic payment terminal (EPT) and how does it work?