mPos uCube Touch Youtransactor

The uCube Touch is an mPOS from Youtransactor, a unique card payment solution. This payment device democratises card acceptance, thanks to its high-performance payment microprocessor.

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A mini payment box

A colourful experience

The uCube Touch has a slim, elegant design, but also a size that defies that of a basic smartphone. Youtransactor’s mPOS has a colour screen with an STN display for better contrast and legibility in all types of lighting. The uCube Touch has a wide range of colours and a capacitive screen to improve interaction during payments.

uCube Touch performance

uCube Touch has the most secure chip in the history of payment terminals. YTSEC is the first system-on-chip to manage PCI and EMV security. It also operates in energy-saving mode, so the battery lasts much longer.

Unlimited payment acceptance

The uCube Touch supports a wide range of payment methods to meet users’ needs. The mPos accepts contactless bankcard payments, QR code payments and payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay.


A long-lasting battery

The terminal and software have been optimised to improve battery efficiency. What’s more, with the latest fast-charging technology, you can recharge the terminal in less time and carry out more than 200 transactions in a single charge.

Advantages of the product

  • Bluetooth low energy
  • 4G lite: Low battery consumption while offering deep indoor coverage.
  • Faster Wifi up to 70m indoors and 250m outdoors;
  • USB-C port: Fast and convenient charging via your PC or power supply. Charges up to 50% in just 1 hour.
  • Nano SIM: Connects to your favourite mobile network
  • QR code: SmartMatrix technology to display digital receipts and payment coupons.
  • L x W x H (mm): 74 x74 x 20
  • Weight (g): 100g
  • Colour display: improved contrast and stunning legibility in all lighting conditions
  • Wide range of colours for dynamic visuals on your terminal
  • Capacitive key for improved reliability and touch sensitivity to facilitate payment interactions
  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution


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