Work-study contract - Continuous
improvement/QSE project manager

We’re looking for a work-study student to join our QSE team as a continuous improvement/QSE project manager.

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Why do a work-study placement in our QSE deparment?

Doing a work-study placement at Planet Monetic also means taking part in inter-departmental projects and learning to be versatile, while at the same time progressing in a department where teamwork, rigour and a sense of analysis are the keys to success.
During your work-study placement with us, you will play an active part in formalising processes and continuous improvement within the company.

The job:

In order to complete our QSE department, we are looking for a work-study student!
Our future talent will be responsible for:

  • Participating in the formalisation and improvement of internal processes.
  • Carrying out audits and drawing up action plans.
  • Helping to prepare for certification.
  • Optimising safety protocols (taking part in drawing up the safety action plan).
  • Supporting the implementation of an ecological and CSR transition.

Is that you?



Not compulsory, but an internship or initial experience in continuous improvement/QSE would be a plus!

  • LEAN tools
  • Quality management – Audits
  • Pack Office
  • VBA


  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills,
  • Thoroughness and responsiveness,
  • Organisation and time management,
  • Sense of analysis and synthesis.

To apply, send your CV and a cover letter at:

Or contact us here


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