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We’re looking for an Monetic expert technician specialising in publishers and products.
Are you our future talent?

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Job description :
The 6 aspects of this job

Reseller/publisher support technician:
To be able to meet the expectations of resellers and publishers and advise them.

Testing/validation of new products/solutions:
In direct contact with suppliers to test, maintain and implement their products and solutions validated by Management.

Technical project assistant:
Being able to respond to the expectations of sales staff regarding a product or solution so as to be able to quickly provide a commercial and technical offer.

Pre-sales project monitoring
In contact with the sales team and the customer to validate the commercial offer and set up the pilot site for new projects.

Training for internal staff and resellers/publishers:
Drafting procedures for new products and portals for in-house and reseller staff and publishing these procedures in various formats: paper, Memo, video, etc.

Ability to monitor electronic payment integration projects. You will need to know how to develop on different platforms (JAVA, Kotlin, C++, etc.) and have a solid understanding of networks.

To sum up,

The role of the specialised monetic expert is to be connected to all our external partners (resellers and publishers, manufacturers, banks, etc.) and to all our internal collaborators in order to provide training on new products, portals, procedures, etc. circulate information and, above all, develop our solutions by coordinating all the actors involved.

Our future talent will be attached to the RETAIL department. We currently have a team of 3 people who are looking forward to getting to know their future colleague!

Do you speak English ?
Finally, fluency in English is just as important as fluency in French for this position.

Faire carrière à Planet Monetic

Is that you?


  • 2 years after the baccalaureate minimum is required
  • Sector : IT & Development


  • At least 6 years’ successful experience as a technician on similar equipment, ideally in monetic customer support.

Aptitudes requises

  • Patience and a sense of service to respond to customer requests.
  • Ability to analyse and summarise in order to understand as quickly as possible the cause of the problem reported by the customer and to draw conclusions only after verification tests have been carried out.
  • Initiative to undertake tests, warnings or other actions in the event of projects or problems encountered.
  • Teaching Methods

To apply, send your CV and a cover letter at:

Or contact us here


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